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Welcome To The Rollin Rhythm Skate-N-Learn Program

Hey there! My name is Chris, I am the head instructor at Rollin Rhythm Skate Classes and am pleased to welcome you to our Skate-N-Learn profile! I have been skating for 13 years obsessively and have been apart of the rhythm skating community for the entirety of this time. I am based out of Miami, FL and have had the opportunity to formally instruct skaters throughout Florida for the past year. I have a very strong background in Retail Sales Management, Leadership Development and Team Building allowing me to connect with a diverse group of people. Teaching others to roller skate is very rewarding for me for the simple fact that a lot of times we doubt our capabilities, mentally and physically and the joy of seeing someone accomplish their skate goals is *chefs kiss*. I believe that anything is possible with patience and practice and there is no limit to what we can achieve!

How is Rollin Rhythm Partnering w/ Skate-N-Learn?

For $9.99/mo you are able to subscribe to our online program and have access to the following:

  1. Live recordings of various classes: Watch live recorded classes as if you are right there in the action with us. This will allow you to learn if you don't live near where classes are hosted and playback old classes to review something that we've learned. Recording will come in various levels; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
  2. ON-DEMAND Classes: Recorded classes are ON-DEMAND! Watch them when you want to where you want to whenever you are ready to practice. 
  3. Virtual Tutorials: Watch virtual tutorials of broken down moves for ALL Levels; step by step broken down tutorials of various moves that are taught in class
  4. Virtual Lessons: Skate-N-Learn subscribers have access discounted private lessons IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL! **Limited time offer

How Are Videos Broken Up By Level? What Level Am I?

All moves are broken down into the three classes that we teach on a weekly basis: BEGINNER BEGINNER, INTRO TO ROLLER DANCE & BEGINNER RHYTHM. Below we detail what skaters will learn or ideally should know to attend class!

BEGINNER BEGINNER: Understand all of the beginner fundamentals of roller skating that every skate should know and understand:
Balance, Shifting Weight, Creating Momentum, Control, Forward Skating, Stopping, Crossing Over, Gaining Confidence & More!

✔️NO experience is required to join ✔️ALL levels welcome to join✔️Must be able to stand alone 

INTRO TO ROLLER DANCE: Build your confidence by using your beginner fundamentals to execute various dance moves and  choreography to music and understand: Backward Skating, Transitions Forward, Transitions Backward, Beginner Step Routines, Various Dance Moves[Downtown, Snake Walk, Slow Walk  & More] Stopping & More!

BEGINNER RHYTHM: Understand and strengthen your knowledge of rhythm skating using more advanced techniques from the Intro To Roller Dance course to pick up speed and create your skate flow: Pivot Variations, Pivot Routines, Sweep, Grapevine, Partner Skating, Trains/Trios, 360 & More!

✔️Must feel comfortable skating backward  ✔️Must feel comfortable transitioning forward/backward ✔️Must be able to transfer weight in toes/heels

Social Media

Instagram: @RollinRhythm_Skate

Tik-Tok: @RollinRhythm_Skate 

YouTube: @RollinRhythm_Skate

Facebook: Rollin Rhythm Skate

What If I Have Questions?

If you have questions on anything that is being taught during lessons on the Skate-N-Learn platform or have any other questions regarding our skating program EMAIL RRCHRIS305@GMAIL.COM, DM on Instagram @RollinRhythm_Skate or CHAT with us! Myself and the Rollin Rhythm team are happy to help!

If you have any technical questions regarding the Skate-N-Learn software, click the chat icon in the bottom right corner and customer support will be happy to help you!

I am super proud to have the  Rollin Rhythm program on Skate-N-Learn to be able to reach skaters near and far that are interested in learning skating from myself! Hope everyone that watches enjoys what we bring to the platform! I am always open to FEEDBACK, let me know if the content helps or what can be improved!


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