Justin Samuels

Just Skate


You took the first step!!!

My names Justin, aka Jaysams.

I’ve been roller skating for going on 17 years now, and what started as a hobby in my early teen years became a life long passion!!!  Roller skating is a lot bigger than most realize.. and although was underground for many years to most, it’s now making a huge comeback 

There are different styles depending on what region of the country your in. Chicago “JB” (James brown) MD “Snap”Ohio “Stride” etc.

My style of skating would be considered Jamn style (Originating from northern states such as NYC NJ) The founders of the style Mike Johnson (Rip) & Bill butler created the blueprint Many like myself have followed. Although I never learned from anyone particular person, I’ve always watched and observed the greatness when i saw it! I took inspiration from great skaters throughout my years, and applied it!

 Now I’m here to guide, teach and help you grow!!! Skating just like anything else requires time and patience. If you follow the steps, push yourself, And apply yourself,  You’ll find the confidence to really enjoy this activity!!! Everything new is scary to some extent, but speaking from experience, once you get it you can’t lose it!!!! 

So Don’t Stress, or think you’re not progressing enough, remember to enjoy the moment and vibes … and lastly