Ty'Tuanna Beck

The New Dallas Project

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I started skating at the local rinks around the age of 16. I quickly dived head first into the National Skate scene and it was tunnel vision from there. Seeing what the ‘Skate Culture’ had to offer I knew I wanted to contribute in a positive way for Dallas. I started a skater ran organization, “The New Dallas Project”, to help rebuild the Dallas Skate Community by providing a safe space for the youth and newcomers to learn, create, and lead. 

While some may look at skating as just a hobby or something to pass the time, we tend to forget the universal message within it all, "Skate like no one’s watching!" 

Welcome to The New Dallas Project! 

-Ty @tripledskateprincess_


Created “New Dallas” a skater ran outreach program (2020)
Joined ‘Team OoSo’ as OoSo 5ive (2021)
Sponsored By Good Foot Skates Skate Shop (2021)
Awarded “Middle Child” at the National Texas Skate Fair Classic Skate Party (2021)