Darryl Fields

Secret Skate Society

Darryl “JuJu” Fields is an avid skater whose passion for the art/sport first began at the age of 8 in his hometown of Newport News,VA. After joining a skate crew in 2011, his first major skate performance came just a year later in 2012. Although he enjoys most all facets of skating, JuJu considers middle work to be his specialty.

As an instructor, JuJu believes in using what comes naturally to students as a gateway to discovering their respective skate styles. A true lover of music, he enjoys all genres, but admits that Funk and Neo Soul are his go-to when skating.

JuJu’s resume includes performing, choreographing, and orchestrating for various artists such as Usher, executing and facilitating numerous skating events, as well as instructing skate courses on the national and international level. His skate affiliations include Secret Skate Society, ATL Game Time, Skate Assassins, and Rolling Unified Ready